5 Types Of Twitter Tweets Your Followers Will Love

You’ve probably heard about the power of Twitter for growing your business, but did you know that most people go about it the wrong way?








It’s true, most people do not send out the right types of Twitter tweets that will engage their followers. A lot of people think that they will be able to make money on Twitter simply by blasting out tweets with links to products for sale but this is rarely the case.

The truth is that you must entertain and engage your audience and, in turn, they will seek out the links to your products and turn into loyal customers.

So what are the right Twitter tweets to be tweeting?

There are quite a few types of tweets that you want to include in your tweeting repertoire. Below are 5 different types of tweets that are sure to titillate your followers.

1. Informative Tweets

People appreciate getting good information so one of the types of treats you should be making are informative tweets that help your followers solve a problem or give them something they need to help them do their jobs or help with their hobbies. These could be short little tweet with a link to a reference or article that expands more on the topic.

2. Milestone Tweets

Sending Twitter tweets about milestones that you’ve reached in your personal life or business can be a great way to mix business with pleasure. Because these tweets can be tied into your products but are not overtly selling something they will be much better received by your audience. Things like launching a new product line, finishing an e-book or piece of software that you were working on, getting your book published on the Kindle or even reaching certain sales or earnings goals can be interesting to your followers.