Are There Really Cheap Exotic Cars Out There I Can Afford? Why Not Just Go With Exotic Car Rentals?

I remember back when I was a kid… Dreaming and visioning myself blasting down the road in a red Lamborghini Countach LP 5000. It was “The Car” throughout the 80’s and still held on to its crown into the early 90’s. I remember sitting on the couch, eagerly awaiting for “Miami Vice”, to come on, so I would get to see the Ferrari Daytona Spider and the beautiful Testarossa, Crockett and Tubbs cruised around in, while hoping that there would be some sore of a “Super Exotic” like a Lamborghini Countach in each episode. To my dismay, I never saw anything that insane, but the Ferraris were always a pleasure to watch. I remember watching the “Cannonball Run” and “Gumball Rally

My friend Reggie and I would regularly talk about beautiful Exotic Cars, while gazing at the three Exotic Car posters I had mounted on the walls of my bedroom. We would often joke and laugh, saying… “One day, if we ever could actually afford an Exotic Car, there’s no way we could afford the insurance!” And so the dream lived on, in two young boys and like yourself, we went on through life “dreaming” because we never knew, there was actually a way we could afford an Exotic Car. But, guess what my friend… some times, Dreams do come true.

It’s now 2007 and I have owned two Exotic Cars and a handful of other drag cars and street cars. Without arrogance, mind you, I have seen what it’s like to be a “regular Joe” one day and “Celebrity” the very next day. Because I am such an Exotic Car enthusiast, I have spent many, many hours studying and talking to other Exotic Car owners. I have enjoyed many days, cruising around with local Exotic Car owners and had opportunity to become “good friends” with a few of them. I have found out where to find Exotic Cars that are affordable and how to go about purc