Building a Successful Web Site: What NOT To do:

and articles out there that purport to explain what
one must do in order to become a successful Web
site owner.

If you want to build a successful site, however, it’s
equally important that you also learn what NOT to do
on the Web.
Most experienced Webmasters are aware of a number
of major no-nos to avoid. Examples include having a
welcome page that takes forever to load. Or designing
your site to accommodate only one type of browser.

However, there’s a number of lesser-known, but still common,
mistakes that many Webmasters consistently make.
These include:

1. Not paying close attention to your visitors’ feedback.
Although many Webmasters don’t realize it, feedback from
your visitors is one of the most important sources of
information you have, if you’re serious about building
your traffic.
If a visitor has taken the time to E-mail you, you should
carefully consider anything that he or she has to say,
whether it’s positive or negative.
True, if you’ve worked hard on your site, it can be annoying
to have a visitor write in and criticize aspects of your
But rather than feeling slighted, you should make the most
of such feedback. I’ve found over the years that ma