Car Radio Installation Part 5 – Answers To Common Radio Installation Questions

My car doesn’t have an ISO connector as standard, is this going to be a problem?

Your new car radio will not always connect directly to your car’s standard wiring harness connector. You will need to use a harness adaptor in-between your car’s wiring and your new radio’s female ISO connector.

The harness adaptor will simply convert your car’s wiring into an ISO male that will then enable you to seamlessly connect this by push-fit into the ISO female found on your new car radio’s harness. The wiring harnesses will provide the power and the speaker connections to connect to your new radio.

Why will my aerial lead not connect to my new radio?

You may require an aerial adaptor, as some cars such as Vauxhall models use a female socket instead of the conventional male plug. The adaptor simply pushes into your car’s female socket and the result is a male plug that fits your new radio. One is included with all new radios.

Some others models need an aerial adaptor because they use an amplified aerial. Basically, the radio feeds the aerial amplifier that is built into the base of the aerial via this adaptor. If you fail to use this adaptor, a poor radio reception could result.

My car has a Steering Wheel Remote Control, can I still use this?

If your car has a factory-fitted steering wheel mounted remote contro