Creating Your First Web Site, Part 2

In Part 1 you learned some tips about the basics of starting your site and finding a home for it, now comes the time to properly name it and get it optimized for the search engines so that your home on the web is easy to locate.

Domain Name
This is one of the least expensive things about getting online as many hosting companies charge nothing or only a few dollars. But it’s also one of the most important, as yours has to be descriptive and as memorable as possible. For a family web site, simply using your last name or a combination of first and last name is fine. Domain names can also include numbers. The minimum amount of time you can purchase a domain is for one year. But for an ple to your site faster than a cable connection? Keywords! These words and phrases indicate what your site is about and contain more authority than a novice can imagine. Proper keywords will feature terms and words used in the text on your home page. Each subsequent page you create will also have its own set of keywords. If you are selling products or services online, is a fee-based service that enables you to look up the latest information on what people are searching for online. has a fine feature where it will show you just h

What is your site all about? What words best describe your site, your products/services, your hobbies, etc.? What words would a person use to find your web site? For example, if you are building a web site to show people in the Los Angeles area the fact that you have used cars for sale, the term “preowned car” was searched 2628 times, followe