Hermes Crocodile HAC

Since its inception as a small saddle shop in Paris,Hermes Crocodile HAC Articles France in 1837, Hermes has become one of the world’s most prestigious, internationally acclaimed fashion houses. Hermes is perhaps best known for its assortment of fine handbags, marked by their careful craftsmanship, premium materials, and cutting-edge designs. A favorite of dozens of celebrities, these bags exude sophisticated yet subtle style.

When you combine the unrivaled quality of Hermes with the sumptuous luxury of crocodile, you get the Hermes Crocodile HAC. Originally made in 1972, the rare HAC was auctioned off at Christie’s for just over $40,000. One of the prized jewels of the Hermes collection, this exotic bag is coveted by avid collectors all over the world.
The perfect travel bag for overnights and weekend trips, the HAC (known to Hermes loyalists by its full French name, Haut A Courroies) is also ideal for the busy career woman or fashion-conscious mom who needs a stylish place to keep her everyday essentials. With its deep red crocodile exterior and gleaming brass hardware, it doubles as a wearable work of art. A woman carrying the HAC exudes confidence, sophistication, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Among the many things I love about the Hermes HAC is its stability. With its sturdy base and protective metal feet, it can stand on its own wherever you place it. It’s also generously sized, with a spacious main compartment and convenient interior pockets. The durable brass hardware adds a handsome touch, and your contents are protected by a lock and key.

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