How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Unit for Refrigerated Truck?

We can also divide TRU into integrated truck refrigeration units and split ones in accordance with their product structure design. Then what types of trucks are they separately suitable for? How to choose a right TRU for your refrigerated vehicles? Guchen Thermo will gather specific information about the following 2 essential selection tips to ensure that the refrigeration unit proposed is suited to your exact transportation needs.

Choose “independent refrigeration unit” or “non-independent refrigeration unit” according to transport distance and dimension of your refrigerated vehicles


The main advantage of the independent refrigerated truck unit is that it can work independently,How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Unit for Refrigerated Truck? Articles that is, it has its own power source. When the engine of refrigerated truck is off, rest in the service area, breakdown of the truck, or vehicle engine fails when loading or unloading, the refrigerator truck can still keep working normally to ensure the cargo in its desired temperature range. The operation of the independent refrigerating unit is relatively stable. In general, independent units are more suitable for long-distance transportation and have lower risks.

Its disadvantage is that the price is relatively