How To Plan An Adventure Honeymoon

sunbathing, cuddling and to enjoy drinking champagne. Occasionally people choose a cold weather destination, but rarely is a great deal of time spent away from one another and outside of the room. The original intention of a honeymoon was so the bride and groom would have time to get to know one another. Times have changed and most people are very familiar with their significant other prior to the start of the marriage. This may leave a couple confused about their honeymoon. Some may still want to spend a week focused on each other, while others may prefer to use their vacation time to splurge on an adventure together that is a once in a lifetime event. Knowing you have the rest of your lives to stare into each other eyes may leave you seeking a week of adventure following your wedding. If you are a nature loving couple, consider packing some outdoor camping supplies and heading into the great unknown. Backpacking gear may be all you need for a great nature adventure.

If you have always wanted to try rock climbing, your honeymoon may be the right time to give it a shot. Learning a new skill or sport is always more fun when you do it with someone else and there are few better ways to get the blood pumping than trying out a life-risking activity. You will need some training before hitting the outdoor rocks, so consider enrolling in a week-long program that takes you from novice to expert in a short time.

Your honeymoon may be one of those times where money is no object and you can really splurge on a once in a lifetime trip. For many, this means it is safari time. Instead of playing it safe and eating in expensive gourmet restaurants every night, head out into the great unknown in another country and enjoy a wildlife safari. This sort of trip brings you closer with your travel companion and even if you have been together for years before the marriage, you will see a whole other side of your significant other while taking a trip like a safari.

If you and your spouse that is the stay-at-home type when not on vacation, look for ways to enhance your homebody lifestyle during your honeymoon. You can embark on a culinary adventure that exposes you to new tastes