JVC Bluetooth System for Your Car Head Unit

supplied to their customers, more and more people are excited about what new products they will showcase in the near future. Car audio projects are constantly being undertaken at JVC and some of their projects like the project thruster and project sizzler has been simply jaw dropping and amazing. They have been making new gadgets that they have successfully installed on their new JVC in car audio systems as well as their JVC head unit models.

Their new JVC car stereo models have been installed with their latest Bluetooth devices. This development has contributed greatly towards creating a more enjoyable environment inside the car. Their new Bluetooth interface has the capability of storing up to 5000 numbers and can pair up with up to five separate devices. Amazingly, their new product is very compact and very easy to use. This device is very compatible to most JVC head unit available today. Supplied with a small microphone, it can be very handy and useful for travelers.
Their new Bluetooth device can be easily adapted to your head unit so you can make hands free phone calls inside your car. Installing this will allow you to enjoy voice dialing, where you can make a call to any one in your contacts li


Bluetooth device can be very useful for storage as well; in fact it can save up to twenty-five thousand contacts from multiple mobile phones. This makes your driving a lot safer. In states where using your mobile phone while driving is not allowed, installing this device in your head unit can be very helpful. You can also control your sound system through this device. With Bluetooth now available inside your car, you can easily play your music files from your mobile phone through the JVC in car audio system where the music will be much clearer and much louder.

The head unit monitors or display screen will also transform into a very useful screen to alert you during incoming calls and it can even display your text messages. Once the Bluetooth device is installed and paired up successfully, you won’t have to keep on looking at your mobile. Aside from its obvious safety features that will help you drive as safely as possible as well as keep your focus constantly on the road, it’s just an overall amazing device.