Link Building Unnaturally Could Lead To Being Google ‘Sandboxed’

Building 100 of links to your site quickly in a day when your website has a small number of visitors is going to give the search engines a strong signal that you are SEO link building in a “spammy” way. It may be very tempting to try and improve your search engine ranking position quickly but you run a risk of being Google “sandboxed”. This is one of the ways the search engines fight spam and the “sandbox” is thought to be filter where Google limits the page rank of a site and the site can be left out in the wilderness despite your SEO link building efforts. Link Building Services carried out by a professional SEO company will follow an organic long term strategy. Here are some practices that can hurt your website ranking:

Bought links from shady link schemes.

100s of links from irrelevant sites.

Links from lots of poor quality sites.

Inconsistent pattern of building links with 100s of link being acquired in one day and then non for the next two days.


Link building is an essential activity in search engine optimisation but it needs to be viewed as an ongoing process if you want to see consistent high ranking results on page1 of the search results.