Most ideal points for scuba diving in Vietnam

Diving in Hon Mun Island – Nha Trang

Hon Mun Island is famous to fans of scuba diving. It is possible to dive and contemplate the beauty of more than 300 species of coral reef and thousands of species of fish. Divers will be lured into the diverse marine creatures like a colorful picture. Most visited diving areas in Hon Mun are Fisher man bay,Guest Posting Small hill, Small wall, South rock, South reef, Moray beach, Pipe beach, Lobster beach, Mamahanh beach, Madona rock, Rom wall, Hard rock, Small rock, and Big wall.

Komodo Island diving
Scuba diving in Komodo
Scuba diving Komodo
diving Komodo
Komodo Island Scuba diving
Scuba diving Komodo Island

Diving in Son Tra Peninsula

It is no doubt Son Tra Peninsula is a favor bestowed by the nature. In Son Tra Peninsula, there is a diverse natural reserve of various, specious flora and fauna system. Only by diving deeper under the sea can divers see a totally different under sea world full of colors. Also, divers have a chance to listen to sounds of coral reef which are developing strongly and wildly. Here is not just the home to strange coral reef species, but also the shelter of many fish species. That is a wonderful experience on dipping in the turquoise water, looking at vivid and different-in-shape coral reef and many fish species.

Diving in Phu Quoc Island