Proper Caring of Your Collection

Cleaning your coins then taking every precaution to see that they are properly handled and stored are vital roles in continuing to have a successful coin collection.

The cleaning of your coins is not recommended due to cleaning can reduces the value of your coin collection. Older coins tend to show deep coloration from age which are much more desirable to collectors than coins that have been stripped by improper cleaning. There are times when you may feel there is a need to clean your coins, especially if only to remove the build-up of dirt so that your collection will always look its best, but never ever clean coins that have been inherited.

Another reason to clean your coins might be if you are teaching a child how to become a collector and want to show them how to properly clean their circulating coins, which can tend to be filthy. However, your coins whether circulating or uncirculating contain a certain patina, which is a chemical process caused by oxygen in the air and it is harmful to the your coins. When you clean your coins it is very possible to remove the patina and accidentally damage your coins forever.

Not only is the grade of the coin going to be the same, you have now possibly degraded the coin further by cleaning your coins. In addition, never wrap your coins in paper, paper contains trace amounts of sulfuric acid, which is a an acid that is used in paper manufacturing. There are few steps you may wish to follow to help minimize any risk of damaging your coin collection.

Carefully wash your hands with soap, which will remove any oils and grit from your fingers