Reverse Phone Lookup Canada – Is It a Free Service?

Before we discuss whether reverse phone lookup Canada is a free service or not, let’s talk about why you might want to use such as service.

If you have been the recipient of strange phone calls at all times of the day and night you may wish to find out who it is that is placing these calls. If you have caller id on your phone you can capture the number of the caller. Then it is simply a matter of looking up the number to find out who is responsible for making these calls.

The same situation applies if you get phone calls that are obscene or harassing in nature. Many times criminals will call to see if anyone is home. When someone picks up the phone then they hang up on you. They will do this at different times of the day, to see if there is a particular time when the house is empty and ready to be broken into.

If the number you are trying to trace is long distance and you don’t recognize the area code then it could possibly be a Canadian number. Most calls from overseas will not have a phone number show up on your caller id system.

This would now be the time to use reverse phone lookup Canada as the number is more than likely a North American one. There are many sites which offer free lookups and will provide you with the name associated with the phone number. Sometimes the address is available as well. These phones numbers will be the numbers which are listed in Canada’s White Pages phone book and are accessible by anyone.

It may not be possible to use reverse phone lookup Canada to find a private or unlisted telephone number. Many times people that have requested an unlisted phone number have paid a fee to their phone company for this privacy. But at least you have a good chance of finding who is making these phone calls to you.

Reverse phone lookup Canada will provide you with all results that are currently classified as free and available to the public. Plus this type of reverse phone lookup is related to landlines only. Once you have performed the reverse lookup you can als