Search Engine Optimization – Timeless Principles Always at Rescue

Search engines constantly change their search algorithms. This is done to ensure that SEO firms are not able to manipulate the search results to falsely get their client websites in top search lists. Search engines are morally obliged to convey relevant and good quality search results to its users, and therefore they regularly change and improve the search algorithms. To counteract this, SEO firms need to review their strategies frequently. However, there are some basic SEO strategies that are timeless and resistant to these changes, as they can still ensure good ranking for the websites irrespective of the algorithms changes.

Here are some of the reasons for SEO companies to not depend on search algorithms alone and pay equally high importance to other basic SEO strategies that do not vary frequently:

Search algorithm changes are a secret

SEO firms do not get any specific information regarding changes to the algorithms, as these changes are classified information of the search engine companies. This secrecy results in fierce competition amongst SEO firms and they refrain from sharing these secrets amongst themselves. As a result, if the SEO strategies were mainly designed around search algorithms, these firms would need to go on with the testing of their websites forever.

SEO professionals are an asset

SEO professionals do a lot of reading and research. They also attend seminars, conferences etc. However, what really helps in designing timeless SEO strategies is the experience that SEO professionals gain over time. Many a times, search engine algorithms revert to previous versions to bring in changes, and an experienced SEO professional can easily figure out these changes. A search engine may give a high priority to ‘in-bound’ links at one time, and meta tags contents at another. Experienced SEO professionals are aware of such strategies used by search algorithms and can use them to their advantage.