Selecting The Best Domain Registrar

Everyone living in this modern internet age needs a domain name. If you do not have a web presence you are losing out on customers and opportunity.Even if you do not intend on developing a website, you can buy a domain name from a registrar who offers a basic one page website builder. Look for one that offers it for free. Very easily, you can create an about me type of website detailing your credentials and experience. It gives your business or service a professional edge and helps you build a brand.When people Google you, you will be in control on the information they receive. Because domain names were meant to be easier to remember than IP addresses, they can help lodge your brand and business in the memory of web surfers.

How to Get a Domain Name?

A domain name is obtained through registration. One can register a domain name directly with a domain registrar, or oftentimes web hosting companies offer a domain name along with subscription to their service. Be careful when obtaining your domain name through your web hosting service. You do not know which registrar they are partnered with. It may be an unreliable or unethical registrar. You are also subject to a third party’s customer service, in the event you have problems.

Domain name prices depend on the domain name extension you choose (.com, .net, .org), the specific registrar fees and the length of registration. Because of all the variables, from registrar to registrar the prices can vary drastically.

Domain names require regular renewal.In case a domain name is not renewed by its expiration date, it enters a redemption period for about 30 days. During this period, your website will not work using that domain name. You can still renew it during this period, but for a large fee. If you do not renew within the redemption period, your domain name will go back into the pool of publicly available domain names.You will lose all rights over the domain name which can now be sold by any registrar.