Self Employed Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a necessity owing to the increase in people living up to ripe old age, which has significantly contributed to number of people facing age related health problems. The customers are required to purchase health insurance plan with the help of regular periodic payments submitted to the insurance company. These payments are known as the insurance premium and are determined based on several factors. The insurance company in turn promises to compensate the policy owners their medical expenses in case of hospitalization. Health insurance can be purchased by individuals and by organizations for their employees. For self-employed people, there are specially designed policies available with all major health insurance providers.

Health insurance for self-employed individuals is comparatively more expensive than other health insurance plans. The reason due to which a higher price tag is attached to self-employed health insurance is that health insurance rates are inexpensive when the risk is pooled and distributed among a large group of people. Even distribution of the risk is the chief contributing factor for the affordability of group health insurance plans, which is not possible with self-employed health insurance plans. However, since 2002, self-employed health insurance costs have become tax deductible at a rate of up to seventy percent. This decision of providing tax benefits is bound to provide much-awaited relief to self-employed people.