Surprising facts about the construction sector

Ever since the construction of Giza Pyramids in 2504 BC,Guest Posting construction sector evolved with the evolution of society. As society innovates and spreads, the construction sector also keeps on moving along the same trend. Construction sector makes up 7 percent of the United States’ GDP. In Pakistan, the average growth rate of construction industry revolves around 2 percent.
With the advancements in structural engineering and technology, construction sector have reshaped itself through centuries. The businesses that were majorly dominated by males are now shared by women participants as well. In the past, agricultural fields primarily relied upon traditional cropping methods, but now the latest technologies like drones, sprinklers and drip systems are used in this sector.

Fundamentals of construction

The construction industry has emerged on the basis of some definite fundamentals.

• Nature and strength of the materials used
• Architectural facilities
• Housing styles
• Construction timelines
• Size and height of the structures
• Seismic provisions