This Is Not Your Father’s Brand

Of course, by now you are probably aware that I have my own definition. The way that I build Brands is different from the way that other agencies build Brands.

It’s different philosophically. It is a totally different approach. The results are much greater.

The way I Brand gives a company the ability to have the impact of the larger Brands without the usual components of length of time in business and massive money spent.

My Branding concept allows businesses-especially small- and medium-sized business, although it also applies to big corporations-to actually take a shortcut.

If you think about the concept of Branding or at least where it comes from (the whole cowboy / rancher and cow thing), you’ll understand that taking a lot of time and spending a lot of money has nothing to do with it.

Think about it: If you were a Texas rancher and you went out into the pasture one day to “brand” some of your cows, what would you do? How would you go about it?

Well, without going into a detailed description and list, you would probably do something like this:

Make a fire, heat up the branding iron (with the cow logo), go catch one of your cows, and then hold it down and burn the brand into its hind end hip.

Done. No fuss-no muss. The cow is branded.

It’s pretty simple. From then on, everyone knows that this cow belongs to you because your brand is on it, burned into the cow’s hide and difficult if not impossible to remove.

Now you can start to see some of the similarities between actual bovine bran