Website Traffic And Traffic Generation Is The Life-Blood Of Your Business – What You Need to Know

About me, I receive weekly e-mails from people from various parts of the world, about how to succeed in a work from home business, like I am doing in my goal setting business with site build it. My About SBI page explains why I fully recommend and endorse only SBI as the all purpose web-hosting and e-commerce tools package that you will ever need to grow your online or offline business.

The SBI action guide does an excellent job in explaining in simple business communication, how anyone with absolutely no experience in website design or html (which is not required), can succeed in how to make a website, just as I have done.

But since I receive so many e-mail inquiries regarding traffic generation and website traffic in general, it

made sense to me to develop one entire page about how to generate website traffic, or web traffic for the beginner or newbie, as you pursue your entrepreneurship aspirations.

These are the same techniques that I have been using from June 2009 when my website went live, and has gone from an Alexa traffic rank of 8,500,000 in July 2009 to under 400,000 today.

Ok, you’ve got a great website, and you have a great product and/or service that provides tremendous value to your visitors and potential customers, but unless you have the traffic, your website will never be seen. Web traffic and traffic generation is the life-blood for any small business owner; whether you are a small work at home mom a WAHM, or you have your own real estate business, increasing web traffic and growing your web visitors day after day, month after month, is a life-long process, if you want to stay in business.